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Limitations of Current Federal Requirement and Guidelines


Federal Regulations and Guidelines 
FEMA "Special Events Contingency Planning"
Toilets  Pgs 39-41  Jan 4, 01
FEMA "Special Events Contingency Planning"  Full Document  
OHSA Toilets at construction jobsites  29CFR1926.51(c)
OHSA Lavatories at places of employment  29CFR1926.51(f)(3)

OHSA Standards Interpretation and Compliance Letters

OHSA Field Sanitation. - 29CFR1928.110

MSHA 30 CFR ? 71.400 sanitary flush toilet facilities

White House Airline Passenger Fair Treatment Initiative

State and Local Codes 
National Model Code for Building Toilet Availability

Building Codes - Toilets for the Public
Building Codes - Toilets for the Public
Maryland 1987 Senate Bill 413  Public Use of Mercantile Toilet Facilities
Maryland 2002 Senate Bill 275  Amends SB 413  (Not adopted)
Maryland 2004 Senate Bill 304
  Amends SB 413  ( 2nd Try)
North Carolina - Number of Toilets regulation
North Carolina Administrative Code

Public Toilet Act  [RSBC 1996] Chapter 389
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Illinois Department of Public Health Citation 410 ILCS 35h 

MDPH - DCS - Memorandum on the Availability of School Restrooms

Information for Restaurant Owners Madison Department ...  {Skip to 'Restrooms'}
New York State Education Department Toilet Room Policy

NYSBA Special Committee on Administrative Adjudication

East Carolina University's 'Closed for Cleaning' Policy

Metrorail Sept 2003  Proposed Restroom Policy

FEMA  Federal Emergency Management Agency
OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration
MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration 
Massachusetts Department of Public Health 

Outside of North America 
Christchurch New Zealand - Public Toilets Policy Register

Eurobodalla Australia Public Toilet Policy







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