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Arlington VA

Attractive Public Restrooms 

National Park Service
Lewes DE



A major advantage of unisex toilets is that they have inherent 'potty parity'  This Public Restroom has has 6 unisex toilets each with their own room and  a twist lock with red/green availability indicator.  

Rochester NY



Signs are a low cost 'force multiplier'
{They should only be used for year round facilities or should be removed off-season}

Arlington VA

The blue signs in Arlington are of particular interest. The signs were added after a random citizen survey found that lack of restrooms and water fountains was the major reason people hesitated to use the Counties trails and parks.   The Counties Park Service added an out-year budget request for additional year round units, and they now keep all their heated facilities open year-round.  The signs were added as a further low cost effort to address the problem.


  ...The Lena Business and Professional Association is spearheading the depot project, which interestingly enough originated from a need for public restrooms.  "Businesses were complaining that there weren't any bathrooms," said Duane DeVoe, president of theLena Business and Professionals Association.  He explained 
that when shoppers and visitors to the community needed a restroom, there really wasn't a convenient place  to offer them. Most of the small businesses' restrooms were not devised for public use. The new depot would provide public restrooms with a generous capacity and 24/7 accessibility ... 
Source: Railway revisited by Tabitha Engel  Illinois Journal Standard Tuesday October 26, 2004


Portable Sanitation Units can be fenced or discretely  placed 


The public restroom near the World Cup soccer stadium in Suwon, South Korea, was designed to be incorporated into its surroundings. (LEE JIN-MAN/Associated Press)




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