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Advocacy for the availability of Public Restrooms

Advocacy for the many people who hesitate to travel or who avoid outdoor activities that put them out of range of toilet facilities. The Public Restroom Initiative provides information about, and advocates for those who suffer any medical condition that causes them or a family member to frequently, or at times urgently, need to find a  toilet when away from home.  


The Public Restroom Initiative is intended as an  information source for Advocates working to make life viable for the restroom challenged. .These people are the small but significant percent of the population who suffer medical conditions that cause them to frequently need a restroom when away from home.  These otherwise productive individuals are limited in their choice of work locations, in their participation in physical fitness activities, and to where and how they travel by the limited availability of public toilet facilities.

Of particular interest is the lack of United States Public Policy addressing the quality of life impediments for the Restroom Challenged.  Current Law exists to protect the health of those who need to void when away from home, but regulations lack sufficient scope and authority to comprehensively address the need for toilets in all public areas. 

Our goals include the increasing public awareness of the challenge of everyday life faced by those who the Wall Street Journal(1) says 'suffer in silence'.   Long term, we are fostering the development and implementation of better Public Health Directives to eliminate the gaps in existing Federal, State and Local toilet availability codes. 

(1) WSJ 12/26/02 Pg-D6

The leadership of the Digestive Disease National Coalition (DDNC) would like to take the opportunity to thank Metroped for its commitment and leadership in the area of public facility access for digestive disease sufferers. We would like to register the DDNC's enthusiastic endorsement of the Metroped's Public Restroom Initiative

As you know, the DDNC is an advocacy organization comprised of 25 voluntary and professional societies concerned with the many diseases of the digestive tract, such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and bowel incontinence and ostomy issues. Since it's founding in 1978, the Coalition has worked to increase public awareness and federal funding for debilitating digestive illnesses.

The DDNC would like to work with Metroped to bring this initiative to a successful conclusion so that digestive disease sufferers have the access to public restrooms that they need.

Source:  Maurice Cerulli M.D., Pres DDNC Letter


Hollywood often portrays humorously, someone hunched in urgent need of a toilet .  In reality, extreme 'duress' is painful and often harmful

(1) The Public Restroom Initiative has been adopted from Metroped Inc.


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