Please help us to help others by sending the location of public restrooms you’ve found

ARA is compiling a list of walkable communities where free, year-round public toilets can be found.  We are looking for those restrooms  that are opened by at least 8:00 am and remain open until at least 9:00pm everyday including including holidays.  If you are not sure of hours, please send the information and we’ll check on it.

Included are both outdoor units and the restrooms in public buildings , such as at a train station, a food court, or an urban shopping mall. Toilet facilities in city parks are included, as are commuter parking lots and ‘always open’ municipal locations like a police station.  Portable toilets intended for the public that are routinely serviced are also listed.

Mercantile establishments, such as a coffee shop, will not be included unless signs clearly welcome use of their amenities by the public.  Facilities significantly distant from communities, such as interstate highway rest stops, are not being listed.

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