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Below is a list of public restroom locators web sites.   Please note our concern that many of the locations are private businesses and not public restrooms.   While being directed to a large box store or a food court may not be a problem, many people will hesitate when they realize they’ve been directed to a  restaurant or other small business.   Many of these smaller venues also have limited hours of operation.

The American Restroom Association suggests that restroom locator publishers consider the following listing criteria:

  • Highlight or add emphasis to those facilities available year-round, 7 days a week and at least between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, including holidays.
  • Where portable sanitation units  (porta-johns) are listed,  note if they are known to be routinely cleaned and serviced
  • Highlight true municipal public restrooms units and restrooms in buildings clearly open to the public such as train stations
  • Avoid listing small privately owned mercantile establishments (ex. coffee shop), unless they advertise availability
  • List restrooms in urban parks that meet the availability requirement listed in the first bullet
  • Note possible security restrictions (ex photo ID required) that might impact access to government municipal building restrooms.
  • Note if the facility is a single toilet restroom that may be current occupant locked.

Please let us know if you’ve encounter problem using a restroom locator service.

If you know of a true public restroom, please provide that information via our survey form.

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