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People for Fairness Coalition – Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative

You would think that of all cities, our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., would understand the need for providing accommodations for its citizens and visitors alike. Alas, this is not so. One group has been working tirelessly since 2014 to correct the situation. As a part of their efforts, the People for Fairness Coalition – Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative (PFFC) has undertaken a significant amount of research regarding the need for public restrooms, the suitability of the “Portland Loo” as a solution, and the potential for a coordinated “Community Toilet Scheme.”

Findings from this research have been used as the basis for introducing Law 22-280, Public Restroom Facilities Installation and Promotion Act of 2018 which directs the DC government to carry out two pilots: (1) standalone public restrooms available 24/7; and (2) a program, based on the Community Pilot Scheme, whereby businesses open their restrooms to the public.

Below you will find copies of their research which has been graciously provided to the ARA by PFFC Mentor and Advisor, Marcia Bernbaum.

2015 Restroom Inventory Summary, updated Oct. 2019
Background Information on DC Public Restroom Pilots Dupont Circle
Community Toilet Scheme report, July 2018
Portland Loo full report, Oct. 2019
Summary of Portland Loo study, Oct. 2019


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