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  • In Your Community

  • Shopping

    Large stores such as WalMart or an enclosed Mall have restrooms but at some downtown business districts public amenities may be difficult to find.
  • Some store restrooms are located in 'non-customer' areas often behind doors suggesting 'employee only' or 'authorized personal only'
  • While On Travel

  • Some restaurants, for example McDonalds, have multi-stall/urinal restrooms. Others have a single toilet in a room where those in line are locked out even while the current user is running the hand dryer.
  • Occasionally Airline passengers are not allowed to use the airplane restrooms because of security or because there was not time to service the toilets from a previous flight.
  • Privacy

  • Restrooms That Have Locks On The Room Entrance Door

  • Unisex Toilet

  • Mitigation

  • Elections

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