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An MTM-Wrapped portable restroom on its way to AIDS Walk
Source: Micro Target Media

“In a restroom for one to three minutes we own you. It’s a liability to turn left or right at a urinal.”
– Marc Miller, president of New York-based InSite Advertising.

Marketers can own the space in theater restrooms with eye level ads in a totally uncluttered, “can’t miss”  …

Q: How lucrative is restroom advertising for 2nd Wind?
A: It’s hard to measure. We have an adage, though: When you’re everywhere you don’t have to be anywhere. And we’re everywhere.
-The King of Johns: A conversation with Dick Enrico

Is restroom advertising a straight flush or just money down the drain?
Pittsburgh Business Times – July 5, 1999

Restrooms are a welcome break from the message assault

Ads for a captive audience

According to research noted by Media Life:

78 percent of restroom visitors interviewed recalled one or more of the restroom ads, according to an Audits & Surveys Worldwide study. The sample consisted of 14 locations in New York City, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. Interviews were conducted as patrons exited restrooms.  Of those interviewed 75 percent reported that they viewed restroom advertising as “a good idea”. Additionally, 43 percent reported finding it “very good” and only 2 percent called it “very poor”.  The same study found 24 percent of interviewees felt more positive toward a brand after viewing the restroom advertising. Negative responses were 5 percent, with the remainder reporting not being affected by the ad.   Nearly 75 percent of interviewees felt that ads in restrooms are more noticeable than or equally as noticeable as ads appearing in other media, according to the Audits and Surveys study.
Demographics: From Media Life, Apr 28, 2003

The gender of bar and nightclub customers using restrooms broke down to 55 percent male and 45 percent female, according to the Audits & Surveys study.


  • 35 percent of respondents were ages 18-24
  • 44 percent were ages 25 to 34
  • 14 percent were ages 35 to 44
  • 7 percent were 45 and older

The education breakdown was:

  • 12 percent with high school or less
  • 26 percent with some college
  • 47 percent college graduates
  • 12 percent with graduate degrees
  • 3 percent with postgraduate work

Activities in the past 30 days, according to the Audits & Surveys study, broke down to:

  • Accessed the internet at home or work, at 67 percent
  • Went to a movie theatre, at 66 percent
  • Bought a music CD or tape, at 61 percent
  • Went to a health club, at 45 percent
  • Attended a concert or show, at 35 percent
  • Made a purchase over the internet, at 31 percent

Also 26 percent of respondents visit a bar or nightclub twice a week, 24 percent once a week, 20 percent three times a week, and 13 percent four times a week.

Daily visits were reported by 3 percent. Groups can be tightly targeted. For instance, Hispanics, African Americans, gays, sports fans and ravers can be singled out. “The most interesting thing about restroom advertising is micro-targeting,” Roche says. “There’s a highly targeted delivery of demographics and psychographics.”

Advertisers Reach Travelers at JFK Restrooms

According to the advertising company Media Life, there are over 50 flat wall mounted screens at JFK Airport Terminal in the men’s and women’s rest rooms.  The screens cycle still frames of advertising  According to media life the Ads run in a 30-second loop, and each ad shows twice per loop, for three seconds at a time.

Restroom advertising gains foothold in market – Memphis, TN
Hannah and Emily Jordan (ages 4 and 8, respectively) wash their hands under a screen showing ads in a restroom at Malco’s Paradiso, where ads are beamed in…

Restroom Advertising Companies

  • BillBoardZ
  • Flush Media
  • Jonny Advertising
  • Insite Advertising, Inc
  • Wall AG USA
  • ADpower
  • NextMedia and AlivePromo

Note:  NextMedia and AlivePromo Collaborate for Networked Restroom Advertising
Monday September 13, 8:07 am ET Press Release Source: AlivePromo, Inc. MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ —

NextMedia, the nation’s largest provider of indoor advertising, today announced that it has collaborated with digital sign company AlivePromo to install networked digital advertising boards in Minneapolis/St Paul area restrooms. The digital boards, displaying high-resolution, animated advertising, will be managed using AlivePulse, a patent-pending AlivePromo process that allows for content to be changed from anywhere with access to the Internet.   The deployment of digital restroom advertising is expected to extend and diversify NextMedia’s indoor advertising reach; the addition provides more options for advertisers while making the concept more attractive to certain venues. …

Press Release

Source: Micro Target Media
Micro Target Media, a Leader in Alternative Outdoor Advertising, Tranforms Portable Restrooms Into High-Impact Advertising Structures at AIDS WALK NEW YORK and the Indy 500
Thursday May 18, 3:22 pm ET

NEW YORK, May 18 /PRNewswire/ — For two consecutive weekends this May, Micro Target Media (MTM), a leader in bringing cutting-edge technology to alternative outdoor advertising, will supply the world’s largest AIDS fundraising event, AIDS WALK NEW YORK, and the 90th Running of the Indianapolis 500 with targeted captive audience portable restroom advertising. The MTM supplied portable restrooms will have the added benefit of a team of cleaning attendants to ensure, event attendees have a visually exciting, aesthetically pleasing experience.(Photo: )
Source: Micro Target Media

[insert picture] A MTM-Wrapped portable restroom on its way to AIDS Walk.

On Sunday, May 21, 2006 AIDS WALK NEW YORK will be the first cause-related outdoor event to use the innovative Micro Target Media enhanced portable restrooms. For this premier AIDS-related annual fundraising event, Micro Target Media’s unique form of outdoor advertising will create a 360-degree visually stunning billboard effect in the center of Central Park. The advertising structure will be viewed by an expected 45,000 event attendees and hundreds of thousands of regular weekend park users.

At the 2006 Indianapolis 500 race weekend, May 24-28, Micro Target Media will bring the enhanced portable restrooms to “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” The MTM-wrapped portable restrooms will deliver to its advertiser — the “i am Indy” campaign — uninterrupted exposure to a captive audience attending one of the most famous races in motor sports.

MTM has integrated advanced technology with eye-catching visuals to transform a necessary resource into a unique advertising platform. Using RFID and GPS technology, MTM is also able to give advertisers web-based proof of performance. This MTM enhanced portable restroom creates targeted messaging and delivers event organizers, advertisers and sponsors measurable data for valuable market research.

About Micro Target Media

Micro Target Media is an alternative outdoor advertising company, specializing in portable restroom advertising. Through exclusive worldwide partnerships with leading portable restroom operators, Micro Target Media breaks through traditional advertising clutter to engage targeted consumers, one on one, at world-class special events and construction sites.

Micro Target Media’s in-house operations, proprietary systems and production facilities enable us to be the only provider of portable restroom advertising for key-market campaigns in North America, Europe and Asia. More information about Micro Target Media is available at .



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