Location System Contact Information System Public Restroom Policy
Atlanta GA MARTA 404-848-4800  7-6pm System Public Restroom Policy
Customer requests honored at remainder
Baltimore MD  MTA  410-539-5000 Have Restrooms
Boston MA  MBTA  800-392-6100 /2  8:30-4:3 Public Restrooms at Key Station
Chicago IL  CTA  312-222-6106 media  No Restrooms – No Station Manager Policy
Security Concern
Cleveland CH  RTA  216-621-9500 /2  No Restroom – Up to Station Manager
Detroit Mich  Peoplemover  313-224-2160  8-5pm  Some Stations integrated into buildings with Restrooms
Edmonton Alberta  ETS Light Rail Transit  780-496-8900  Public Restrooms at Key Stations
Jacksonville FL  Skyway
Los Angeles County CA  LCAMTA  213-922-6235  No Restroom – Up to Station Manager
Los Angeles CA  L.A. Rail Transit
Mexico City  STC
Miami FL  MDTA  305-770-3131 /6 6-10  Restrooms at all MetroRail Stations
Monterrey Mexico  Metrorrey
Montreal Quebec  Metro de Montreal  514-280-5653  Access with a Special Disabilities Card
New York NY  MTA  718-330-3322   9-5  646-252-3053 ADA
Public restrooms at Key Stations
Philadelphia PA  SEPTA  215-580-7852   8-4  Public Restrooms at Key Stations
Camden, NJ  PATCO  856-772-6900  Public Restrooms at Key Stations
Saint Louis MI  MetroLink  314-231-2345  Public portable toilets at key transfer stations
San Francisco CA  BART  510 465-2278  Public Restrooms above ground station, underground facilities temporary closed  9/11
Toronto Ontario  Subway  416 393-3030  Public Restrooms at Key Stations
Vancouver B.C.  SkyTrain
Washington DC  WMATA  202-962-5407 Tom Ferer  PRI Victory!! As of Nov 03, Restroom available by request
Buenos Aires CityofBuenosAires.com Station have restrooms (20 year old reference)

Legend Color Code:
Commuter Friendly Systems – Green shading
No Customer Service – Red Shading
Recognize the Problem – Yellow Shading
No Information – No Shading